Going Sockless – How to Keep Your Shoes Smelling Fresh

shoe treesWhether you’re a guy wearing khaki shorts or khaki pants this spring, one style choice which is strongly suggested is to let your feet be free by kicking off your socks.  If you’ve ever seen a guy wearing socks with their boat shoes and shorts, it just looks a bit weird.  Many gentlemen like to wear a pair of loafers or lace-ups with their khakis to work too.  What matters most is that you stay comfortable when going sockless (that’s probably why the trend took off.)  It’s hard to stay comfortable if your shoes start smelling after the second or third time you go sockless.  In fact, you will probably feel more self conscious than anything.  So how are you supposed to feel comfortable and stylish without stinking up the place? Try a few of these tips to keep your shoes from smelling so that you can enjoy this spring and summer sockless.

  • Wash Your Feet - If you’re going to solve a problem, start by trying to prevent it in the first place.  The reason why your shoes are smelling is because of the bacteria that grows on your feet when they sweat.  Wash your feet with antibacterial soap (with a washcloth) along the bottom of your foot, in between your toes, and around your toenails as well.  Don’t just run water over your dogs; scrub them.
  • Switch Your Shoes Out - Give your favorite shoes a break and alternate through your collection.  Letting your shoes breath for a day or two before wearing them again will prevent bacteria build up.
  • Use Cedar Wood Shoe Trees – Not only can you extend the life of your shoes by maintaining the shape, but you will also reduce the ability for damaging moisture build up.  Cedar shoe trees are essential for those of you who plan to wear shoes without socks.
  • Wear Half Socks - Most of the moisture build up around your feet will occur towards the front with the toes.  If you feel unsure about your foot sweat, pick up a pack of half socks.  They cover the first half of your feet, but keep your ankles exposed so that your feet still feel free and you achieve the no sock look as well.

Don’t let your feet ruin a classic look, appropriate for weekends on the boat, weekdays in the board room, and nights out on the town.

What are your favorite shoes to wear without socks?

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